Highlighted image of Palinuro

Highlighted image Palinuro

Highlighted image Palinuro


Arouses curiosity the image of a figure similar to the helmsman of Enea carved into the rock.

The sea of Palinuro returns the image of the helmsman of Aeneas carved into the rock. In the locality of Saline, a few dozen meters from the natural pools of former club Mediterranee. The profile of the helmsman of Aeneas, who according to Virgil died off the coast of bells, was carved at the beginning of ' 900 on a rock today "rediscovery" by the sinking of sea water
Palinuro back to peer into the sea off the coast of Cilento. Marine waters, in the locality of Saline, palinuro, subsided, revealing the outline of the helmsman of Enea carved in stone in the early ' 900 by an author still unknown. A work almost totally forgotten today back literally to light.

The most accredited hypothesis about the author about this from a friend of the great Sicilian painter Renato Guttuso, author, in turn, by a painting entitled "Palinuro", depicting the helmsman of Enea lifeless, lying on beaches where drowned. For now there is no certain information about the author of the sculpture etched in rock, but after this extraordinary revelation natural it is to be hoped that the studies and insights regarding know a breakthrough.

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